LAB January Update

The LAB spent time reviewing the notes and insights from our very first focus group (yay!).

We were intrigued and excited about some of the initial comments from young leaders, that will eventually inform our advising and advocacy.  We hope these initial insights can help inform some of your thinking around what young leaders are asking us to pay attention to:

Social issues expected to have the greatest impact on quality of life:

Wage inequality, equity, inclusion.

Inspiration and emotions related to these issues:  

“Anger and frustration with the lack thereof. The more I’ve matured and gotten more involved, the more aware I’ve become of the social program, the way government operates, and the way society operates and does not facilitate the growth of all people. Wage inequality is pervasive, it’s not ‘a one thing,’ it’s ‘an everything.’ It’s structural.”

These comments reflect something that the LAB leaders also identified as essential, bringing to SAGE an equity lens and perspective that has helped shape our institutional thinking about inclusion.  We are continually grateful for their efforts and contributions.

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