SAGE Features Hero for the Planet, Dr. Sylvia Earle

May 19 | PSU Viking Pavilion

Global oceans champion Dr. Sylvia Earle spoke about the future of our oceans as the 2019 Visiting SAGE. Popularly called Her Deepness by the New Yorker and the New York Times, she is an inspiration to millions as a hero for the planet. Dr. Earle spoke about the world’s oceans as the source of all life, why they’re in peril from pollution, over-use and climate change, and how we can be a part of an all-out effort to save them. She’ll be joined by young leaders with a hope-inspiring message: together, we can restore the blue heart of our planet.

At the event, guests also enjoyed our Oceans Expo with live music and exhibits featuring marine conservation, research and volunteer opportunities.

Watch the 2019 Visiting SAGE with Dr. Sylvia Earle