Clean water, breathable air, and ample natural resources are things most Americans take for granted. But Earth’s precious resources are under threat every day.

SAGE believes that the earth our children inherit should be clean, livable, and support a diversity of life.

To ensure coming generations can live in such a world, the people involved with SAGE volunteer for environmental organizations, support conservation campaigns, and roll up their sleeves to plant trees and clean rivers. At home, community members change their own behavior by driving less, buying local and recycling more.

You can protect the air or bring a river back to life. What’s your role? Volunteer with an environmental nonprofit.

For more examples and inspiration, see our stories below.


Consider investing your time and talent with our environmental nonprofit partners listed below. We also encourage you to learn more about SAGE's environmental teamwork on Climate Education and Electric Vehicles.

"Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future. And we are all mortal."

- John F. Kennedy

Stories about Giving Forward for our Environment

Lori Davidson

Lori Davidson

Meet Lori Davidson. She's giving forward by sharing her skills with Millennials to help them achieve their potential.

"Working side-by-side with young professionals is more fun than you can imagine - I've had some eye-opening conversations with a very diverse group of people - outside of my usual social circles. I'm a better person for it."

Walt M.

Walt Mintkeski

Meet one of our Sages - Walt Mintkeski. His professional and volunteer efforts have helped to preserve water quality and improve energy efficiency for future generations. 

"Recreation re-creates my spirit."


Roberta Schwartz

Meet Roberta Schwarz. She's giving forward by building a park in her home town.

"Make the best of every day."

Environmental Protection & Restoration


Eco Challenge Dot Org

Eco Challenge is a platform to educate, entertain, and engage the community on ways to drive sustainable habits. Building a more sustainable world and healthier planet can't be done alone. Eco Challenge provides the support and resources to transform behaviors at work, school, and beyond. Call 503-227-2807 or email contact@ecochallenge.org.

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Think Wild Central Oregon

Think Wild is a wildlife hospital and conservation center for Central Oregon that specializes in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, education and outreach, and conservation services. You can get involved in a variety of roles at the wildlife hospital, habitat restoration and native planting, construction and maintenance, education and outreach, at-home projects, and much more. Call 541-933-5437 or email info@thinkwildco.org.

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AdoptOneBlock reimagines the way we make our city cleaner and happier. We enable anyone to care for the block they love the most, when and how they want with clean-up supplies we deliver to them for free. IMAGINE: no meetups, no commuting to volunteer, and no scheduling to volunteer. Simply care for your favorite block and we supply the tools, technology, support, connections to the community and we make it FUN!  We have 7700 Block Ambassadors (volunteers) committed to consistent cleanup of nearly 10,000 square blocks and are recognized as a force for good in Oregon.

Learn more and get involved: https://www.adoptoneblock.org

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Eco-School Network

Eco-School Network is an organization of parents promoting sustainable practices and raising ecological awareness in elementary schools in Oregon. Help make local schools greener and healthier! You can take our free training to co-lead a project with students, or volunteer in other ways. We usually need help with social media, events, website maintenance, data entry, photography, and marketing. Call 503-960-5252 or email amy@ecoschoolnetwork.org.

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Willamette Riverkeeper

Willamette Riverkeeper works to protect and restore the Willamette River. They believe that a river with excellent water quality, abundant natural habitat, and that is safe for fishing and recreation is a basic public right. To learn more about the river or to volunteer with one of their many programs visit their website, call 503-223-6418, or email info@willametteriverkeeper.org.

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Oregon Natural Desert Association

ONDA encourages people to get to know Oregon's high desert and to take steps to conserve it for future generations. Each year, hundreds of ONDA volunteers protect and restore public lands in eastern Oregon. As a volunteer, you might find yourself restoring streams, improving trails, monitoring wilderness areas, mailing thank you letters, or welcoming people at ONDA events. Learn more at our website, call 541-330-2638, or email onda@onda.org.

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