Give Forward with SAGE

Dear Friends,
Every day, we inspire older adults to give forward so that younger and future generations can thrive. Thank you for making our work possible.
Because of you, this year we engaged over 1,000 people in our mission and programs. 

We led Connect & Engage workshops to raise awareness about urgent challenges facing the future and ways to support our region’s social movements,

  • We trained Legacy Fellows to lead innovative service projects to strengthen communities, and
  • With many of you, we learned from our Visiting SAGE Van Jones about how to move beyond the political divisions that are tearing America apart.

Together, we shape our culture and remind each other that we all have a gift for future generations.

Looking ahead, we will continue these high-impact programs and feature our next Visiting SAGE, Sylvia Earle, with a hope-inspiring message: we can restore the world’s oceans.

Your support makes our work possible. As we approach the new year, you can help us continue this critical work by making a tax-deductible donation to SAGE. To amplify your gift, one of our members will match all donations of $250 or more, up to $30,000.

With gratitude, 
Lisa Rome and Steve Higgs