Media Kit for 2023 Visiting SAGE on The Future of Community with Keynote by David Brooks

Thank you for joining us to promote the September 27 Visiting SAGE event on The Future of Community featuring David Brooks. We are very grateful for your help to spread word of this event and to cross-promote our collective work to nurture and strengthen community in Oregon and beyond. We are also excited to share this special event with you.

As one of our partners, please feel free to access and use the following text and approved images for the event.

We encourage you to promote the event in the following ways:

  • Send one dedicated email by September 4 to your newsletter list to invite your community to attend the Visiting SAGE featuring David Brooks. Here is the link to the main event page
  • Visit our Facebook event page and click on the option “going” or “interested”. Here is a link to our Facebook event page:
  • Post to your social media account 2-4 times in the month leading up to the September 27 event.
  • Share news of the event through word-of-mouth and other ways you communicate to your audiences.