Meet Jeanne Magmer. She’s giving forward by helping students with scholarships, grants, and backpacks to get the right start for school.

Jeanne Magmer

A retired communications director of the Oregon School Boards Association, Jeanne knows well the challenges facing students in North Clackamas County schools. Due to budget cuts that reduce staff and eliminate programs, today’s students have fewer school days, bigger class sizes, and less time with each teacher. Jeanne is giving forward to help address these challenges and to improve educational opportunities for children.

Jeanne is a volunteer board member and former President of the North Clackamas Education Foundation (NCEF). Just last year, she helped raise close to $100,000 so NCEF could provide college and trade school scholarships to high school graduates, and enrichment grants to teachers designing science experiments, engineering projects and after-school programs for children.

Because of Jeanne and her colleagues at NCEF, young adults are going to college who otherwise might not, great teachers are finding the resources they need to help their students learn more, and local students have access to supplies and financial support to pursue electives like art and music.

Jeanne has also found ways to engage more seniors to help young students in need. At her home at Willamette View Residential Community, Jeanne and two of her friends have inspired residents to give money, school supplies, and backpacks to help local students get a great start to school. She has also deepened the connection between generations by setting up a bi-monthly arts program where seniors in Willamette View’s resident arts program create art with young students at Oak Grove Elementary.

Because of Jeanne’s gifts of time and energy, thousands of kids are much better off, and her neighbors at Willamette View are asking about how they can get involved.

“It doesn’t take much to make a difference. Just look around and you’ll find lots of things you can do, connections you can make.”

If you would like to learn more, contact SAGE.


“I wanted to make a difference for kids by leaving my corner of the world a little bit better for the next generation. Investing in our kids is what really counts.”