Poem: Inspired by Citizenship Conversations

Dear Friends,
What a fine convergence you assembled.

This morning I found myself thinking that affection is an elixir compounded of dew and honey teaching a fist to caress, which led to this little blessing for the work we do.


Dew & Honey
—for my friends at SAGE

Sip by sip in thimble cup
the meadow bees will drink it up
then ferry home to bounty’s hive
by flowers’ flavor hum and thrive
to show us how through word and song,
by gesture small and patience long,
in spite of our old foolish ways
we may fashion better days.

So, my friend, come sip and savor
syllables as crumbs of pleasure.
By sunrise in a conversation
we begin a better nation.

—Kim Stafford
31 January 2018