Legacy Fellowship

Change your corner of the world...one project at a time

Changing the world, even just a corner of it, takes more than good intentions. If you’re like most people, it can be difficult to decide what to do and where to start. A good first step is to join our Legacy Fellowship. This is a nine-month leadership development program to train you or your team to design and launch a community benefit project for younger and future generations. Together, with other fellows, SAGE’s coach and advisors will help you define an area of need and then break down a solution into small steps. Upon completion, you’ll have turned your good intentions into a project that has changed your corner for the better.

The 2017 Legacy Fellowship begins on October 21, 2017, and ends with a closing dinner and ceremony on June 21, 2018. Here's what else you should know:

Open to individuals and teams – Anyone is eligible to join—employees, retirees, and all other adults. You can join the Fellowship as an individual or as a team with family, friends or colleagues. To apply, complete the General Application and submit it to SAGE. To learn more about the Fellowship, review the following information: (1) Examples of Project Roles and Ideas, and (2) Program Curriculum & Meeting Dates. For more inspiration, check out the diverse projects led by our alumni: 2015 Fellows, 2016 Fellows, and 2017 Fellows,

Open to employers – Employers are encouraged to sponsor an employee or employee team as an investment in their community, and in organizational leadership. To offer this program to employees, consider using SAGE's Sample Employee Benefit (MS Word).

Open to project partners – During the Fellowship, we encourage Fellows to explore project ideas, including those that meet the needs of existing nonprofits or support an ongoing community initiative. To share your project idea with our Fellows, please complete our form: Great Ideas from Project Partners (MS Word). 

Tuition and Waivers – Tuition for the nine-month Legacy Fellowship is $1,500. This covers the coaching, the retreat and meals, all nine training workshops, and the closing dinner celebration. If applying as a team, the tuition can be shared by team members. SAGE offers a limited number of tuition waivers for those unable to pay the tuition. To apply for a waiver, complete the Tuition Waiver Application (MS Word) and submit it with your General Application.

There are limited spaces in the Legacy Fellowship, so you are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. If who wish to be considered for a tuition waiver, apply by August 18, 2017 (decisions on waiver requests will be made soon thereafter).

Fellowship Coach and Lead Trainer


Dan Duggan is an exceptional coach, inspirational speaker, and teacher with over a decade of experience facilitating yearlong leadership development programs and 20-years of experience as a successful business executive.

As a principal with LionHeart Consulting, Dan has facilitated over 25 yearlong leadership development programs. Over 90% of participants have rated his program either in the top 5% or “best ever” professional and personal development programs. Through deep caring, humor, and strong coaching, Dan helps people become more confident and masterful leaders and to accomplish what they never thought possible.

Click here to read testimonials about Dan’s expertise in leadership development and project management. 

Expectations for Fellows

To help you achieve your highest potential as a Legacy Fellow, we ask you to agree to the following commitments:

Attend all-day retreat, and eight of the nine Wednesday evening workshops, scheduled once a month for 9 months. Click here to review program curriculum and meeting dates.

During the first three workshops define and develop your project, and in the remaining six, hone and apply your project management and leadership skills.

Dedicate 3 hours per week to design and complete your project (115 hours total over nine months), beyond scheduled meetings.

If you apply as a 2-3 person team, you can share the tuition and service commitment. Each member is expected to attend the retreat and workshops, and to support other fellows. 

Support for Fellows        

SAGE will support you and your peer Fellows with:

Expert coaching – The retreat and workshops will be facilitated by SAGE’s coach, who will also be available between sessions to provide coaching and advice. Workshops will also include guest speakers with specific expertise.

Content experts – Pro bono consultants with a wide breadth of expertise will be available to provide project-level and strategic advice. Click here to learn more about SAGE's expert advisors.

Recognition – At our closing dinner, we will celebrate project accomplishments with business partners, friends, volunteers, and other guests and promote it in the media.

For some, your project will have a defined end point; for others, it will be the start of a living legacy. For all, our program will unite a community of Fellows bonded by their desire to give forward through projects of their own design.

Sample Project Ideas                                                   

There are at least four types of projects possible:

Entrepreneur – Innovate and execute a project to solve a problem or meet a need.

Organizer – Organize neighbors, friends, or colleagues for a project of lasting impact.

Manager – Manage a significant volunteer project for an existing organization.

Policy advocate – Identify a public policy initiative to advance such as local matters that concern educational services or restoration of degraded natural areas.

Click here to review ten examples of project ideasFor more inspiration, check out the diverse projects from our alumni: 2015 Fellows, 2016 Fellows, and 2017 Fellows.


For more information about the Fellowship or how we promote sponsoring employers, contact SAGE at (971) 717-6570 or email info@wearesage.org.